Event 2: February 1st & 2nd 2012

February 1st and 2nd 2012 saw a two day event held at the Old Library, Charlton House. Information collected so far was displayed and local primary schools were invited to bring children to view the exhibition and take part in a series of activities. Four Charlton primary schools participated, Thorntree, Woodhill, Sherington and Cherry Orchard, in all 120 pupils plus their teachers, some parents and classroom assistants.

It was an exciting and busy two days with the children given a short introductory talk about the history of the parks, view the exhibition and then undertake a mapping exercise looking at the parks and their relationship to their homes and an I-spy quiz identifying elements related to Charlton House and Gardens.

” I am writing this just because I had the most exciting day ever to see what happened a long long time ago. Now I know I will ask my Mum to take me to those places and it was nice meeting you and your staff and the Mayor and Mayoress.” Martha.

” I loved learning about the Ha Ha to stop cattle and animals. I mostly liked seeing the statues outside and learning more about Charlton parks……I loved seeing the lions and dragons faces around Charlton House.” Akosua.









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