Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project Book

CPRP Bklet:768 Greenwich Mural Workshop and the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project Steering group published this small book in December 2012. It is presented as an introduction to the web site and can be obtained Free-of-charge from libraries, community centres or Greenwich Heritage Centre, Royal Borough of Greenwich. It can also be obtained by sending an email through the link on the Home Page titled ‘Contact’. A copy of the book can also be downloaded from the ‘Resources’ page.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park News Letter

Attached are the latest Maryon Wilson Animal Park News Letter as well as the first Maryon Park Food Growing News Letter. Please click on each button to view or download the newsletters. They are both in .pdf format.

Animal Park News Food News

Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project – Exhibition June 25th – July 6th 2012

Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project has been running since April 2011. During that time we have developed the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project (CPRP) web site which  is being launched in preparation for the exhibition, recorded over 40 interviews and held two public events at Charlton House.

The exhibition will be displayed at Charlton House in the Grand Salon between Monday June 25th and Friday 6th July. On display will be copies of articles, extracts from books, maps and photographs that the project team has discovered amongst various archives including London Metropolitan Archives, Greenwich Heritage Centre, the Royal Artillery Historical Trust and people’s personal collections.

You will also be able to read or listen to extracts from interviews with local people recounting stories from their youth, memories of remarkable events such as the opening of Maryon Wilson Park in 1926, the Bread Pudding Jumper, school days in Charlton Park Open Air School and many more.

Come and see the exhibition, listen to people’s stories and record your own to put onto the web site.                   Let us know if there are stories or facts you think we have missed.



Horn Fayre. Sunday June 24th 2012, Charlton House.

Maryon Wilson Tree Walks- launched May 24th 2012

On Saturday 26th May 2012 as part of the Maryon Wilson Park Open Day, the Friends of Maryon & Maryon Wilson parks launched their Maryon Wilson Tree Walks leaflet. James Hedges, Royal Borough of Greenwich Parks department, led three walks around a section of Tree Walk One explaining the different types of trees, a number of different species of oak trees and a variety of fungii that can be found on certain trees and how this affects the trees themselves.

A copy of the leaflet can be found in Resources for you to download and explore for yourselves. A fuller description of the many varieties of trees can be found on the Friends web site, there is a direct link under Links.

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Event 2: February 1st & 2nd 2012

February 1st and 2nd 2012 saw a two day event held at the Old Library, Charlton House. Information collected so far was displayed and local primary schools were invited to bring children to view the exhibition and take part in a series of activities. Four Charlton primary schools participated, Thorntree, Woodhill, Sherington and Cherry Orchard, in all 120 pupils plus their teachers, some parents and classroom assistants.

It was an exciting and busy two days with the children given a short introductory talk about the history of the parks, view the exhibition and then undertake a mapping exercise looking at the parks and their relationship to their homes and an I-spy quiz identifying elements related to Charlton House and Gardens.

” I am writing this just because I had the most exciting day ever to see what happened a long long time ago. Now I know I will ask my Mum to take me to those places and it was nice meeting you and your staff and the Mayor and Mayoress.” Martha.

” I loved learning about the Ha Ha to stop cattle and animals. I mostly liked seeing the statues outside and learning more about Charlton parks……I loved seeing the lions and dragons faces around Charlton House.” Akosua.



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The First Event – October 1st 2011

October 1st 2011 was a beautiful Indian summer day that showed Charlton House in all its former splendour. This was the first public event of the project. It was designed to encourage local people to view the research into the history of the Maryon-Wilson Estate and how the parks had been developed over the past 112 years.

In all 74 people attended the event including people who just dropped by looking for some shade from the autumn heatwave. A number of stories were collected on the day while other people arranged for a quieter time to record their memories.

It was an encouraging start to the main body of the project. Some people had brought personal photographs or their collections of postcards of Charlton which they let project volunteers copy to add to the archive, others looked for their homes on maps drawn up before some streets were built and listened to stories already recorded. A good day was had by all. editor.

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