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John Beckham with Carol Kenna listening to noisy parakeets, blue tits and other birds

Grace Hills remembers attendant at the Lido

Grace Hills remembers the simplicity of playing during the War

Connie Raper remembers the swing park

Connie Raper remembers the Bandstand

Paul Martin talks about living in Maryon Park Lodge

Paul Martin talks about relatively recent changes to use of Maryon Park

Bob Harris remembers the setting up of the Friends of Horn Park

Bob Harris remembers the debate about Gilbert's Pit

Bob Harris remembers the Ashen Silk Wall

Rose Savinson remembers the swing park

Ron Allison talks about training runners in Charlton Park

Ian and Joyce Snipp remember the changing rooms

Paul Mepham and Peter Haswell talk about cyclocross

Joe Woodcock talks about tree management

Jean Humphreys remembers playing in Charlton House grounds

Baljinder Singh Sidhu talks about the Sikh sports day

Rita Yardley remembers taking the children paddling

Edna Anderson and Claire Mullord talk about the start of the campaign to save the animals

Peter Haswell talks about the start of Cyclocross in Maryon Wilson Park

John Beckham with Carol Kenna in Maryon Wilson Park

Mal Gallaghy in Charlton Park

Mal Gallaghy on the cult of Blow Up

Ann Bedwell on the deer park and safety

Ann Bedwell remembers the swing park

Paul Stephens disrupts the filming

Mal Gallaghy in Charlton Cemetery

Mal Gallaghy on the hockey festival

Working with the animals

Paul Tiffen on the small animals

Paul Tiffen on the ponies

Phyllis Flynn on the animals

Phyllis Flynn on the Horn Fair

George Burton on a magnificent deer

Open Air School, George Burton on hot days

Jim Free on model airplanes and class

The swing parks in Maryon Wilson Park

Jim Free on how Charlton Park has changed

Some birds in Maryon Wilson Park

Jim Free on model rockets in the park

Ken Timbers reads an extract from The Shop, Part 1

Ken Timbers reads an extract from The Shop, Part 2

Ron Roffey on Coxs Mount in the 30s

Ron Roffey on Maryon Park during the war

Ron Roffey on Maryon Wilson Park in the war

Ron Roffey on the play area in Maryon Park

George Burton on open air school

May Wellard, 1920s memories

George Burton on the park's barrage balloon

Frances Ward on Gilberts Pit

Phyllis Flynn on playing bowls

Dave Sneeth on Blow Up

Elsie, Betty and Magiie at Minnie Bennet, on the breadpudding jumper

Joan Harbottle on the Library

Linda Walker has her lunch interrupted

Bernard Ashley remembers a special school match

Jim Free on the cafe in Charlton Park

Paul Tiffen on the deer

Joan Harbottle remembers the Lido

Paul Tiffen on starting work

Paul Tiffen on being on call

George Burton on the cold at the Open Air School

George Burton on physical work at the Open Air School